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HSE press releases – Health and safety in the workplace encompasses a myriad of issues. The health and wellbeing of workers can be adversely affected by lighting, noise levels, ventilation, and by jobs that are sedentary and/or carry high stress levels. Other jobs require workers to be on their feet all day, to work outside in extreme weather, to lift or move heavy weights or work anti-social hours or do night shifts, which can affect sleep patterns and have an insidious effect on workers’ long-term health. These issues can affect that of workers, the business and reputation and the importance should always be focused on the Health and safety of everyone! we are all responsible for the Health and Safety within the workplace.

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Accidents and ill health

Under health and safety law, you must report and keep a record of certain injuries, incidents and cases of work-related disease.

Keeping records will help you to identify patterns of accidents and injuries, and will help when completing your risk assessment. Your insurance company may also want to see your records if there is a work-related claim.

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