Hot Work Passport

The award of the Passport shows employers and clients that the hot work operatives and managers they use have demonstrated a level of knowledge and understanding of fire safety that will contribute to safe and effective hot work in most buildings or areas where construction, alteration or maintenance work is taking place.

An introduction

Hotwork Passport TrainingSerious fires frequently occur during construction or maintenance operations, when work is being done on machinery or on the fabric of the building. Many such fires result from carelessness and/or ineffective supervision during operations requiring the use of open flames or the local application of heat, generally known as hot work. This manual comprises of a scheme for supervising and recording the activities of hot work passport operatives. It is reckoned that implementation of the measures described within this document will result in fewer fires arising from hot work. As previously mentioned serious fires can occur during maintenance and construction operations. Most of these are a result of carelessness and ineffective supervision during operations requiring the use of open flames or the local application of heat. To prevent this from happening a risk assessment needs to be carried out whenever hot work is being contemplated.

For the purpose of the Hotwork Passport training this course covers:

  • Gas/electric welding cutting apparatus
  • Blowlamps/blowtorches
  • Bitumen/tar boilers
  • Grinding wheels and cutting discs
  • Brazing and soldering
Any temporary operation or task that involves open flames or the production of heat or sparks.


1 Day Course

Who is This Course For:

This Course has been designed for supervisors, maintenance engineers, welders etc, who have to work in, or manage a Hot Working area. The Hot Work Passport is an indication to Clients that you have demonstrated a high level of knowledge and understanding of Fire Safety that will contribute to effective hot work duties on a construction site or an area where an alteration or maintenance is taking place.


Course Aims:

Candidates will gain an understanding of the importance of fire protection and the full responsibilities they have when carrying out hot work within their place of work. The Knowledge of Legislation and regulations attained on this course will allow the delegates to confidently apply fire prevention practices to ensure the safety of all workers within the hot work area.

Course Content

  • Overview
  • Legislative requirements
  • Principle contractor’s duties
  • Principles of risk assessment
  • Fire prevention measures
  • Following the completion of hot work
  • Cutting equipment and the requirements
  • Emergency Procedures involving gas cylinders
  • The theory of fire
  • How fire spreads
  • Example of a hotwork permit
  • Storage of fuel gases
  • Exam questions
  • Appendix A. Gas cylinders involved in fire

We understand that the content will vary for different Industry sectors and to ensure that each delegates receives the full benefit of this course our experienced trainers can tailor this training course to meet your specific industry background.

Course Cost:

£185 per delegate or for a group Booking delivered at your place of work please call us on 0800 774 7034 for more details.


Training Course Duration

The training lasts for 7 hours (1 day)

Please call us on 0800 774 7034 and speak to one of our Fire Training  Consultants for full course details, or alternatively use our simple form to contact us.