First aid treatment of a stroke – First Aid Advice

Before first aid treatment of a stroke can be administered the First Aider needs to establish the severity of the stroke.

A stroke occurs in the brain and affects it in such a way that the person cannot use or feel certain parts of their body, often it is both. It happens when the brain is seriously starved of blood suddenly. This can be caused by either a blood clot preventing the flow of blood further down the artery, or when the vessels themselves rupture and bleeding occurs in the brain.

There are two types of stroke:

  1. Where there is a clot in a blood vessel which interrupts the supply of blood to the brain.
  2. Where there is a burst blood vessel in the brain, which again interrupts the supply of blood to the brain.

The most important thing to bare in mind with a stroke is it is a medical emergency and it requires speedy medical intervention to achieve the best possible outcome.

First aid is simple. If you are dealing with any situation that you regard as serious phone for an ambulance by dialling 999.

A nice easy way to remember the signs and symptoms associated with a stroke is to remember the word FAST.

  • Face- The person may not be able to smile or possibly their eye lid or mouth may have dropped.
  • Arms- The person may not be able to raise or maintain their arms in a raised position for one or both arms.
  • Speech- The person may have difficulty in talking and their speech may be slurred. They may also be slow in responding to any qestions you may ask them
  • Time- Time is imperative. The quicker a casualty receives emergency care following a stroke, the more likely it is there will be better outcomes and they will regain normal body functions.

In the UK approximately 150,000 people every year suffer a stroke. It is the third biggest killer after heart disease and cancer.

Strokes can often be prevented by having a healthy lifestyle. this means taking plenty of exercise, eating a healthy diet including plenty of fruit and vegetables. Drinking alcohol in moderation and avoiding smoking. lowering high blood pressure and high cholesterol with medication can also help.

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