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The Fire Marshal Training training course is aimed to enable staff to manage a fire or other similar emergency efficiently and effectively to meet the legal requirements to train staff. This course has been designed with the core aim of creating a confident person to take charge in an emergency. This course is also referred to as the Fire Warden Training Course.

Introduction to the Fire Warden / Marshal Course

The Fire Warden Training is a 3 ½  - 4 hour course, designed to enable employers to have competent people available to respond positively to an emergency, which may be created by a fire, gas, explosion or other emergency. Both fire safety and general health & safety duties require employers to prepare and plan for such eventualities. The course syllabus is as required under the Regulatory Reform (Fire Safety) Order 2005.


Half Day
normally 9:00am – 1:30pm
we are flexible with Start times to accommodate the needs of your business. Please feel free to discuss your timings with us.

Who should attend this Course?

Fire Warden / Marshal Training – Persons that are nominated to be a Fire Warden and people with specific fire safety roles in their workplace. This course is for staff with a designated responsibility as fire warden or fire marshal, and provides the skills and confidence that will allow them to carry out their duties relating to fire safety and emergency procedures. The number of fire wardens that your organisation requires depends on the building design and use. In addition you should train extra staff to cover for holidays and illness.

Where Can I attend the Fire Marshal / Warden Course?

We can deliver the Fire Warden / Marshal Training ‘in house’ at your Business venue and can provide you with a competitive price for group training. We can deliver any of the above courses at your place of work. The ‘on site’ training option is particularly cost effective for Companies that have several people requiring training at the same time (usually 6 or more people). In addition to this there are many other benefits to arranging a first aid training course ‘on site’:

  • Choosing your own venue gives greater convenience.
  • Travelling and accommodation costs can be reduced or removed.
  • A greater choice of course types are available.
  • The course content can be tailored to your exact requirements.
  • Businesses and Organisations can choose a suitable time to run their course.
  • Courses can be run anywhere in the UK.

Course Aims

The course will give the candidates the competence and confidence in their role and responsibilities in a fire evacuation situation and to deal with a fire effectively. The course will present an insight into fire regulations and general fire precautions. It aims to provide you with the knowledge to be become a fire marshal. This course can be tailored to meet the requirements of any work environment.

Course Content

  • General Fire Precautions to be observed in all workplaces
  • The role of the Fire Marshal
  • Truth about fires
  • Causes of fire and ignition sources
  • The Regulatory Reform (Fire Safety) order 2005
  • Fire Precautions (Workplace) Regulations 1997 as amended by the Fire Precaution Regulations 1999
  • Fire Control in Practice
  • Fire prevention measures
  • Fire extinguisher selection
  • Fire extinguisher use and maintenance
  • Emergency/evacuation procedures
  • Knowledge of the organisations fire        procedures
  • Action to be taken on hearing a fire alarm
  • Location of Assembly points
  • A Fire Plan and the type of information required by the Fire Brigade on arrival
  • Special arrangements for staff with disabilities and visitors
  • An understanding of active and passive Fire Protection equipment



The course is subject to ongoing assessment by the instructor throughout the course. There is no final assessment. The instructor observes the learners practice sessions as the training progresses to ensure the required level of understanding and skill is reached.


Each Delegate will receive a Certificate of attendance for completing the Fire Marshal course.

Cost for this course

We are confident that we can offer you a competitive price for all your Health and Safety training requirements. Call us directly on 0800 774 7034 and we will be able to discuss your requirements.

Did you know that we can also deliver Fire Risk assessment Training directly in your workplace. Fire risk assessments should identify hazards and take steps to prevent fire in order to protect the safety of occupants, visitors and those in the immediate vicinity.  This course is designed to offer practical hands-on experience in this area and allows delegates to gain experience in undertaking actual fire risk assessments.

Any prices which are quoted are exclusive of VAT.

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