Government cuts red tape for work experience students


GK First Aid summarises the Government changes to reduce excessive health and safety assessments for work experience students. The information was published by the Cabinet Office on 21 June 2013.

Government-cuts-red-tape-foGK First Aid have responded to this Government change by saying “A raft of ministers including Vince Cable, Mark Hoban, Michael Fallon have pledged to introduce changes to make it as easy as possible to take on staff. No longer should employers need to carry out individual risk assessments for each work experience student. If an employer has a young person employed in the workplace, the risk assessment carried out should be adequate for the work experience student.”

The school or college will no longer be required to carry out their own risk assessments, but just make some checks on the company, business or organisation the students are seconded to.

The Health and Safety Executive have issued revised guidance to employers and the Department for Education have liaised with OFSTED regarding inspections.

The Association of British Insurers have stated that no additional insurance premiums will be required for work experience students.

Gary Ellis of GK First Aid added “The HSE guidance will state that if a risk assessment has been carried out for a young person employed by the company, a business will not need to carry out risk assessments for additional risk assessments for work experience students.”

The chair of the Health and Safety Executive, Judith Hackett: “Work experience is an important step in preparing young people for the world of work. Our revised guidance makes it clear – and easy – for employers and work experience organisers to understand what they need to do.”

“There is no need for lots of paperwork or an over-cautious approach. Employers who are already managing the risks in their business effectively for employees are unlikely to need to do anything in addition for work experience. Schools and colleges just need to ask a few questions to ascertain that appropriate measures are in place. There is no need to conduct their own risk assessments.”

This information was released by the Cabinet Office on the 21 June 2013. Further information can be at

Health and Safety Executive link to their guidance:

Government cuts red tape for work experience students: article by Gary Ellis of GK First Aid Training