Courses for Diabetics that may save a life

Courses for Diabetics that may save a life

Having a little knowledge of the basics of First Aid and how to treat someone with a diabetic condition could help save someone’s life.

Diabetes for those people who have the condition is normally managed successfully either by diet, insulin injections or tablets and possibly a combination of all three. It is crucial that people at work have the necessary skills to with the signs and symptoms that may confront them if a diabetic goes into a diabetic coma or insulin shock. Having such knowledge and the ability to deal with such a situation saves many lives every year, in both the workplace and a domestic setting.

Insulin shock occurs when the blood sugar levels become abnormally low and this condition is known as hypo-glycaemia, generally due to too much insulin being taken, or diabetic missing meals or possibly after exercise if the blood sugar level is not monitored closely. A diabetic coma, on the other hand, results from too much sugar (hyperglycaemia); victims may be confused or completely lose consciousness. A diabetic coma can occur when blood-sugar levels are extremely high; this condition in diabetes is generally most common in diabetics who are not even aware that they have the disease. High blood sugar is often accompanied by frequent urination, which – in turn – can also cause dehydration, leading to confusion, allied with persistent low energy levels. GK First Aid Training Courses will prepare participants to deal with any of these emergency medical situations.

We offer training in first aid courses in all the major cities of England. Courses cover a wide range of issues from first aid to Fire Marshal/Warden training and can be tailored to the specific needs of each company. The main aim of GK First Aid Training is to ensure the quality of the course, but you will also find the pricing is also competitive. Open courses are held regularly in large cities such as London, Manchester, Birmingham and Leeds. First aid training is provided for a number of different industry sectors. One of the advantages of onsite training is that you as the client, can select the date that any training course is delivered. This allows several employees to receive training at the same time – up to 12 can be accommodated.

Diabetes is one of the fastest growing medical conditions in western society.

Further resources: are the UK’s leading diabetes charity. A growing community with over 300,000 supporters nationwide – including people with diabetes, their friends and families.

Courses for Diabetics – Becoming a first aider is an important step to making a real difference to the well-being of your colleagues. The One Day First Aid Course is approved by the HSE. Its full title is Emergency First aid at Work (EFAW). For more details on this course please visit our One Day Emergency First Aid Training Page.

Did you know that we can also deliver health and safety awareness training directly in your workplace. The health and safety awareness course is for staff that are exposed to common workplace hazards and who require a basic health and safety awareness course. It is suited to operatives within most industry sectors as it covers a broad range of common workplace hazards.

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