First aid training for Schools

First aid for Schools

Since the changes in the first aid regulations of October the 1st 2013, the Health and Safety Executive (HSE) no longer approve first aid training for the 1 day Emergency first aid at Work (EFAW) course or the 3 day First aid at Work (FAW) course.

Regarding first aid provision where does this leave schools?

Although the HSE no longer approve the 1 day and the 3 day course, the courses still exist and can be run as in the past, but without HSE approval. This in no way diminishes the qualification as the course content and the assessment procedure should be as rigorous as it was previously if the training is provided by a reputable training organisation.

One of the  factors schools need to think about when deciding which training course is appropriate, is they may be dealing with children below 9 years of age, where paediatric first aid training may be required. Paediatric first aid can be a 1 day or a 2 day course and again choices have to be made regarding provision. This would apply to primary schools or prep schools.

To view further information on the 1 day Emergency first aid at work course, click on the link.