First Aid at Work Assessment

First aid at Work Assessment, what it constitutes and why it is important.

One of the most common questions asked by delegates attending First aid at work training is about the assessment at the end of the course. Questions are usually along the lines of:

‘Are there any written questions? and will I be doing the assessment on my own?’

‘How long will the a first aid at work assessment take?’

‘Will the instructor be doing the assessment or will it be someone I don’t know?’

The point of the assessment is to ensure that the candidate has absorbed the information taken in over the previous 3 days of training. It shouldn’t be difficult and the assessors are not looking to try and trip any of the candidates up by asking difficult questions.

The assessors usually have lots of experience in carrying out assessments and delivering First aid Courses themselves and are fully aware of how to reassure any candidates who may be particularly nervous during the assessment.

The assessment is a requirement for the candidate to obtain a HSE approved qualification and has been in place since 1981. The majority of candidates who undertake 3 day First aid at Work Training successfully pass the course. The comments afterwards are often along the lines of:

 ’It wasn’t as difficult as I thought’

‘I know you said it wasn’t difficult but I was nervous’

The 3 day First aid at Work qualification is the gold standard in terms of first aid qualifications for the workplace. The Health and Safety Executive currently oversee first aid training in the workplace, and this will be the case until at least the 1st October 2013.

It may be beneficial for candidates who undertake this training to also attend an Automatic External Defibrillator (AED) Training. Many companies nowadays have defibs as they have come down in price and also the latest AEDs are relatively simple to use and they also save lives.

GK First Aid Training will carry out a first aid at work assessment for the Three day First Aid at work courses.