Becoming an Ofsted Registered Child Minder

Interested in Becoming an Ofsted Registered Child Minder?

Becoming an Ofsted Registered Child Minder – you need to contact your local authority. Remember, if you work as a childminder without being registered you are breaking the law. Anyone who cares for children for more than 2 hours per day for reward must be registered and inspected by Ofsted. You can visit the Ofsted website for more information about inspections and registration. There is also a requirement to meet the standards of the Early Years Foundation Stage (EYFS) as a Registered Childminder you can get more help and advice with this by reading or more at the Early Years Foundation stage website.

What is a child minder?

A child minder is one to three people registered to care for children under 8 years of age, on domestic premises, for more than two hours a day, for reward or payment.

What effect will child minding have on me and my family?

Becoming an Ofsted Registered Childminder Child minding will have an effect on all the family as you will be using your home to work from. You will need to decide on the rooms and areas you would like to work from within your premises; these will be inspected at your registration visit to ensure they are safe and suitable for purpose.
You will need to organise your time efficiently as you may have up to four trips to School or Nursery per day as well as providing meals, sleep or rest times and activities to develop and stretch children’s skills and knowledge so a good understanding of child development will be essential.

Becoming an Ofsted Registered Child Minder and how do I apply for registration?

A prospective provider must:

  • make a declaration to meet all the requirements of the Childcare Register
  • consent to checks to see if everyone who is to work with children or is connected to the application is suitable to work or be in regular contact with children
  • have a current first-aid certificate and have completed a local authority-approved childminder training course
  • pay the application fee.

You will need to complete relevant Disclosure and Barring Service (this replaced the Criminal Records Bureau on 1 December 2012: forms.

Who registers childminders?

Ofsted’s legal powers as regulators for registered childminders are set out in the 2006 Children’s Act and Ofsted are the Government body responsible for registration and inspection of childminders.
Ofsted’s role is to register applicants, inspect childminders regularly, investigate concerns to ensure childminders meet requirements for registration, and take enforcement action when necessary.
Ofsted have an agreement with Prospect Services Ltd and Tribal Group PLC to use their inspectors to inspect providers, but the decision to grant registration will remain with Ofsted.

Childminders are registered by Ofsted on:

  • The Early Years Register – to care for children aged 0 to 5 years. Providers on this register must follow the Early Years Foundation Stage Framework Guidance
  • The Compulsory part of the Childcare Register – to care for children aged 6 to under 8 years
  • The Voluntary part of the Childcare Register – to care for children over 8 years of age if parents wish to claim Working Tax Credits. For more information regarding Tax Credits visit

It is likely that a registered childminder could be registered on both registers.
Home child-carers can also be registered by Ofsted on the Voluntary part of the Childcare Register to care for children in the child’s own home.
Information regarding the Ofsted Early Years Register and the Ofsted Childcare Register, and guidance for registration as a childminder or home child-carer is available on the Ofsted website: .
It is your responsibility as the registered childcare provider to ensure you are registered on the appropriate register for the ages of the children you will be caring for, and to work within the guidelines and legal requirements for each register.

Is there a fee for registration?

An application fee will be requested from Ofsted upon receipt of your application. At the moment the application fee for the Early Years Register is £35.00, and the application fee for the Childcare Register is £103.00. If you decide to be registered on both the Early Years and the Childcare Registers you will pay one fee of £35.00. Fee’s will be paid each year to Ofsted to enable continued registration and these fee’s may change.

Who does not need to register?

You do not need to register if you care for children over 8 years of age, look after children in their home, are a parent or relative of the child, have parental responsibilities for the child, are a foster parent to the child, or care for the child between the hours of 6pm and 2am only.

What qualifications should child minders have?

First Aid- Before applying to Ofsted you will need to have a valid Paediatric First Aid certificate of at least 12 hours duration that covers resuscitation of children and babies. You will also need a First Aid box specifically for child minding use. Your First Aid certificate will need renewing every 3 years, it will be your responsibility to ensure you continue to keep your First Aid training up to date.

Childminder Pre-Registration Course- Childminders are required to complete a Local Authority approved pre-registration course. This consists of 7, 2 hour sessions of which all sessions must be completed.

What sort of checks will be needed?

You will need an Enhanced Criminal Records Bureau (CRB) check for yourself and any other persons over 16 years of age that live in the domestic premises, or who will work or regularly visit the premises whilst child minding takes place.
Ofsted will also obtain information from Social Care to ensure you or any other person linked with your setting is suitable to care for children.
As part of the application process your GP will complete a Health Declaration form to ensure your physical and emotional health enables you to care for children appropriately. There may be a fee payable to your GP for this service.
Ofsted will conduct a registration visit after they receive confirmation that your checks are completed, to interview you and inspect your premises to ensure suitability, and to ensure you have provided a safe environment.
When all checks have been completed Ofsted will send a Certificate of Registration that will contain details of your registration and the certificate must be displayed whilst working as a child minder.

Are registered childminders employed by Ofsted?

Registered Childminders are ‘self employed’ and you will need to:

  • Register with Inland Revenue and complete Tax Returns
  • Complete your accounts or employ an accountant to do so
  • Adhere to DMBC Planning requirements for running a business from your domestic premises
  • Register with DMBC Environmental Health Department as you will supply food and drink as part of the service you provide, and you will be encouraged to complete a Level 2 Food Safety course
  • Register with the Information Commissioners Office for Data Protection as you will hold personal information about the families and children you work with
  • Inform your home insurance company
  • Inform your car insurance company if you will use your car for work
  • Inform your mortgage company
  • Gain permission from your landlord to work from the premises if applicable
  • Write policies and procedures to share with parents about your working   practice
  • Complete risk assessments to help identify and address weak areas of your working practice and any areas of your premises that not safe and suitable for children or staff to work in.

What is the Early Years Foundation Stage Framework?

The Early Years Foundation Stage Framework covers requirements for the learning, development and care for children aged from birth to 5 years. Packs are available from The Department for Education or to download from their website This guidance gives the minimum standards accepted by Ofsted for registration as a registered childminder on the Early Years Register. Inspectors will require evidence that childminders are working to this guidance, and are developing children’s skills and knowledge. You will also be asked to provide evidence of how you plan to cover all stages of a child’s development, and how you will move the child on to the next stage of their development. Support and information regarding EYFS will be given during the Local Authority approved Pre-registration course.

Will I need to have Insurance?

You will need Public Liability insurance which can be obtained from Professional association for Childcare and Early Years at or other Insurance Agencies.

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