The role of a Fire Marshal / Warden

Principal Duties and role of a Fire Marshal / Warden in the Workplace

The role of a Fire Marshal / Warden – The Regulatory Reform (Fire Safety) Order 2005 (RRO) came into force in October 2006 and with it the requirement to have a strategy to evacuate all occupants within a building. The fire service cannot be relied upon to assist with evacuation. As such, businesses are recognising the importance of having fully-trained Fire Marshal/Wardens as part of their emergency evacuation strategy. Having fire wardens has shown to be the quickest, most effective, way to evacuate a building. It is also seen as a proactive approach – fire wardens can be used to identify fire hazards and dangers before a fire occurs. Continue reading

What is Hot Work Passport

Reducing Risk in the Construction Sector

Hot work passport is a standard to be reached by anyone who carries out any hot works as part of their job or who works at a supervisorial or managerial level involving any hot works. Activities involving hot works pose a significant risk of fire. Some published data for the ten years until 2008 show that in excess of £70 million pounds worth of damage was caused fires resulting from hot work carried out. The introduction of the passport was largely in response to this significant cost to business and is aimed at minimising the cost to businesses. Continue reading